For most people, going through a divorce is a highly emotional experience.  And while it is possible to accomplish some simple divorces without legal counsel, having an experienced family law attorney on your side during a divorce can provide a number of benefits.  A family law attorney can help temper the torrent of emotions that accompany divorce and prevent them from interfering with the process.  Moreover, divorce attorneys are experienced negotiators who can help minimize the toll and expense of divorce by facilitating collaboration outside of the courtroom.  Divorce attorneys understand the many facets of divorce negotiations and can ensure that your needs and concerns receive attention—either in a collaborative or mediated divorce agreement or through court action.

Family law is a subjective and nuanced area of law, making experience all the more crucial.  An experienced divorce attorney knows what type of settlement his or her client can realistically expect under the particular set of circumstances.  Law firms experienced in family law also have access to respected experts—such as child psychologists, real estate and property appraisers, and other skilled professionals—whose opinions can be crucial during both negotiations and litigation.  Building a strong case for a client can provide important leverage during negotiations, even in cases resolved outside of court.

Few areas of practice are as delicate as divorce and family law.  As experienced family attorneys, we understand that in many cases discretion and compassion can be as important to our clients as legal acumen and negotiating prowess.  We know that many of our clients come to us during particularly vulnerable and emotional periods of their lives.  We understand that by being responsive to their needs, we can be a source of comfort during an otherwise difficult time.

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