You want your divorce to be as painless as possible, and you believe you and your future ex can work through your problems together. Collaborative law allows both parties to negotiate the terms of their divorce without being driven by fear, anxiety and apprehension about what the other party is thinking, doing or hiding.

How collaborative family law works in divorce

In a collaborative divorce, the parties agree to negotiate in good faith and be honest about assets and income. In a traditional divorce, the parties tend to feel they must hide information about their finances and income for strategic purposes, as they are in fear of being left with little or nothing. Santa Barbara divorce attorneys know that in a collaborative divorce, the atmosphere is less adversarial and more cooperative, lending an air of trust and reason to the proceedings. The strategy behind collaborative law is to resolve any divorce issues quickly and reasonably without involving the court. The parties have much more control over decisions of property division, issues involving the children (including custody and visitation) and spousal support. In short, the parties can agree on every issue of the divorce without the court’s intervention for any decision.

Another advantage of collaborative divorce is that the parties can agree to hire a team of professionals of their own choosing to act as consultants for the final agreement, including financial or child specialists, communication specialists and attorneys ― all contributing their expertise to the plan the couple finally agrees upon.

Get experienced divorce attorneys on your side

Divorce is already fraught with stress and tension without adding courtroom appearances, motions, and endless meetings with lawyers to the process. You need a Santa Barbara divorce attorney specializing in collaborative divorce. Collaborative divorce takes into account the parties’ desire to end their marriage as quickly and painlessly as possible by agreeing to negotiate the terms of their divorce.

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Last update of the article: 07/08/2020

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