Santa Barbara Child Custody Attorneys

With decades of experience serving families in Santa Barbara and surrounding areas, the child custody attorneys at Wilson & Pettine, LLP provide skilled legal representation and compassionate support to minimize the very real-life impact of divorce on children and their parents.

Understanding child custody in California

If considering or currently involved in a divorce, you must make important agreements during the dissolution process. Issues to address with a divorce lawyer include the following:

Discussions and disagreements about child custody can quickly turn a friendly divorce bitter. Working from the outset with experienced Santa Barbara child custody lawyers is an effective first step to keeping custody conflicts—and legal costs—down.

Important definitions concerning custody in California include these points:

  • Legal custody—The authority to make decisions concerning the health, education, and welfare of a child.
  • Physical custody—Authority to provide residential care for a child.
  • Visitation—Also called time-sharing, visitation is described in a parenting plan agreed upon by both parents. A parenting plan includes where a child will reside, holiday schedules, and other details.

In Santa Barbara, a parenting plan is submitted to the court after attendance by both parents at a mandatory parent education program. The one-time program must be completed before the finalization of divorce and provides information and resources to help parents successfully support their children through the divorce process and beyond. Courts generally approve time-share plans developed jointly by parents.

If you and your partner cannot agree on a time-share plan through negotiation or mediation, we provide knowledgeable, aggressive representation and skilled counsel on litigated custody matters and custodial modifications that may be required after entry of a custody order.

How we can help you and your family

Our Santa Barbara attorneys have a wealth of experience with child custody and time-share plans. We offer you and your children strong, committed legal representation, and are recognized as a premier family law firm in this area.

While the parenting environment for every child—and parent—is different after divorce, our Santa Barbara divorce attorneys can help you achieve the unique, workable arrangement that will give your family the best start after the end of your marriage.

Skilled help with family law in Santa Barbara

Among area law firms, Wilson & Pettine, LLP enjoys a reputation for excellence in providing seasoned, strategic legal counsel and representation on all matters of family law. We serve clients throughout Santa Barbara County from our offices in Santa Barbara. Contact us online or call 805-564-2191 when you need the right legal help—right away.

Last update of the article: 11/26/2020