Santa Barbara Spousal Support Attorneys

Divorce can throw even a comfortable lifestyle into disarray. Whether you knew your marriage was over, or it came as a surprise, the financial implications of divorce are daunting. The Santa Barbara spousal support lawyers at the firm of Wilson & Pettine, LLP provide superb legal advocacy for clients experiencing the financial uncertainty of divorce.

Spousal support in California

Divorce requires financial reckoning by both partners. Property, assets, and income developed and nurtured over time must now be split. In determining alimony, attorneys in Santa Barbara, and elsewhere in California, turn to basic facts used by the court to determine two questions concerning spousal support, formerly termed alimony:

  • Should spousal support be awarded?
  • How much spousal support is appropriate?

The objective of spousal support is the provision of money to provide economic stability until a spouse can become financially independent. If parties cannot agree, a court relies on state support guidelines that include the following:

  • Length of the marriage or domestic relationship
  • The economic needs of each partner based on the style of living experienced during their relationship
  • The ability of each party to maintain their standard of living—including actual wages, earning capacity, marketable skills, or need for retraining
  • The extent to which one partner contributed to the attainment of education or career position of the other, and the extent that workforce opportunities for one partner were reduced by caring for dependent children
  • The age, health, assets, and total income, debt, and tax consequences of each party
  • The ability of a party to hold gainful employment without unduly interfering with the interests of dependent children in the custody of that party
  • Documented evidence of domestic violence or criminal conviction of an abusive spouse
  • A balance of hardships by parties and the goal of moving the supported partner toward financial self-sufficiency
  • Other factors deemed appropriate by the court

Understanding your own budget and long-term expected income is vital for negotiated discussions or courtroom hearings. When you work with an alimony attorney from our firm, we guide you through calculations and considerations, including tax consequences, of paying or receiving alimony.

Regardless of how your marriage ended, creating firm financial ground for moving forward is important. With decades of dedicated family law experience, we can help you get started right now.

Excellence in legal advice and representation

With offices in Santa Barbara, the alimony lawyers at Wilson & Pettine, LLP offer excellence in legal service on family law and related matters. If you have questions about alimony or any aspect of divorce, contact us online or call 805-564-2191 today.

Last update of the article: 08/04/2020