Visitation Rights Attorneys in Santa Barbara

Custody and visitation decisions concerning minor children are some of the most difficult in the divorce process. In Santa Barbara and surrounding areas, our visitation rights lawyers provide skilled, seasoned, legal counsel to clients seeking to make the right choices for themselves and their children.

While custody provides the legal authority to make decisions and provide residential care for your child, visitation is the detailed plan that describes where and when your child has time with you—and his or her other parent.

Agreeing on visitation

While divorce is a difficult time for parents as their marriage relationship dissolves, children struggle with changes in relationships with their parents and the life they formerly knew. For spouses and for children, keeping conflict between parents low during and after divorce is important—but especially for children.

In our state, visitation is known as time-share and is set forth in a parenting plan developed and agreed upon by parents in a written document. Upon signature, the parenting plan proposed by parents usually becomes a court order.

In no area of law are alternative methods of dispute resolution (ADR) more important than family law. At our Santa Barbara law firm, and elsewhere in California, lawyers trained in the techniques of negotiation, mediation, and the collaborative divorce process strive to help parents craft low-conflict, creative parenting plans that serve their children through divorce and into a healthy, positive future.

When an agreement is not possible

For a variety of reasons, parents sometimes cannot agree on a custodial or time-share plan. Here in Santa Barbara, our firm has a deep background in protecting and promoting the visitation rights of our clients. Working closely with you, our attorneys will prepare a solid but unique case to present for resolution by the court.

In determining time-share and custody arrangements, courts consider factors that support the best interests of a child including the following:

  • Age and health of the child
  • Relationships between each parent and child
  • Family history and any incidence of domestic or other abuse
  • Ties to the community, including school and home
  • Relative emotional and ecological stability of each household
  • Preference of the child at issue

Divorce is difficult for all family members. If considering custodial or time-share arrangements, talk to our legal team to find the best method—and the right agreement—for your children.

Experienced legal help with visitation in California

From their offices in Santa Barbara, the visitation rights attorneys at Wilson & Pettine, LLP provide experienced, assertive representation to clients in Carpinteria, Montecito, Goleta, and Summerland. If considering divorce, or if you have questions about visitation or other aspects of family law, contact us today.

Last update of the article: 08/04/2020